Stiqr lets you authenticate
products and read reviews
from real consumers
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Check originality
Read reviews
Rate and write reviews
Scan the Stiqr on a product
Get an instant proof of the
product's authenticity
View a product page
Read reviews by real
Leave your own opinion
Rate a product
Stiqr uses proprietary
blockchain-powered technology
to give a 100% guarantee that
a marked product is genuine.
How it works
Customers scan a
QR code underneath
a special sticker
Get redirected to a
page with product
Rate and review a
For business
Our solution is the cheapest and most versatile on the
market: you will only need to mark products with our QR
codes that can be printed by any device of your choice.
Each verification by the consumers costs only $0.01.
Contact us at or via snail mail:
1160 Battery Street, suites 100
San Francisco, CA 94111
Stiqr will be live this year!
Once ready, we’ll personally invite you to give it a try!